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Website subhub.com


SubHub layers a cleanly-designed but limited and often unpolished site builder on top of the powerful Drupal CMS, a similar service to Buzzr and Drupal Gardens. (Drupal runs sites like MTV UK, Duke University, and Universal Music.) Unfortunately, the service hampers itself by sporting just a few basic themes and modules — vaguely called apps here — allowing only limited and rather expensive access to what’s available in the Drupal ecosystem.

Site builder wizard
Drag-and-drop content blocks in admin UI
Drop-in widgets for some popular third-party services like Twitter, YouTube, and MailChimp, as well as custom HTML code
Few themes provided and no way to fully customize a theme
Limited HTML access with no support for custom CSS and JavaScript means zero compatibility with third-party designs
Limited number of modules
Installing regular Drupal themes and modules costs extra and only available as a custom service from SubHub developers
Admin workflow can be confusing and lacks some typical CMS functionalities such as an image editor
Core Drupal features such as custom content types are not available
Minimal access to underlying Drupal admin backend
Admin runs on a non-secure server (no SSL)
Domains cannot be purchased directly through the service
Custom domain $49.95 per year