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Website simplweb.com


Like CloudAccess.net, Simplweb provides Joomla on demand, simplifying an otherwise highly-technical installation and integrating it with a hosting service. Joomla is a full-blown CMS running high-profile sites like IHOP, the Guggenheim Museum and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Unlike CloudAccess.net, however, Simplweb’s service does not allow user-installed add-ons for extending functionality, which is a critical part of Joomla’s appeal.

Strong Joomla development community provides a wide range of templates for extending site visual design and functionality
Tutorials and videos covering Joomla basics
Up to five sites per account
Trial period requires credit card at sign-up
Limited set of default templates
Add-ons restricted to a few pre-installed extensions
Expect to invest some time in learning Joomla’s peculiar approach to content management
Default Joomla control panel UI design is quite dated
Joomla version is two steps behind the latest 1.7 release
Competitor CloudAccess.net has more plans and more hosting features
Account backend not integrated with Joomla backend
Both Simplweb account backend and Joomla admin run on a non-secure server (no SSL)
Signup e-mail contains unprotected password
Domains cannot be purchased directly through the service
Sparse user forums
$24.95 per month