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Website onesheet.com


From the creator of music content management service ArtistData, Onesheet helps artists create a simple website by aggregating data from existing profiles on suites such as Bandcamp, Sonicbids, Facebook, and SoundCloud. A good idea, but aside from artist orientation, an overall lack of polish and limited customization options make this less compelling than the similar but more general Flavors.me.

Includes Facebook Comments for accepting fan feedback
Offers instructions on how to display Onesheet page on MySpace, a rapidly-declining service once popular with artists
Content retrieval fails frequently and can be sluggish at times
Background image does not always adjust correctly to fill the browser viewport
On sign-up, attempts to automatically add links to profiles on external services that match Onesheet username
Mailing list management feature is a built-in service rather than integration with external services
Custom domain feature does not support true domain mapping yet
Domains cannot be purchased directly through the service
Some contact links on the site do not lead to a contact form
Admin runs on a non-secure server (no SSL)
Free, with promotional link
Paid plan is $9.99 per month