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Website drupalgardens.com

Drupal Gardens

A well-executed hosted service of the powerful Drupal CMS from the original developer, similar to offers by Buzzr and SubHub. Drupal Gardens does a decent job of making Drupal’s arcane setup and configuration tasks easier to manage through its admin UI.

Capable CMS that can scale as the site grows
Clean admin UI especially when compared to competitor Buzr
Broad selection of Drupal modules
Unique theme designer
Full CSS and some JavaScript access
Site and theme duplication feature
Site can be exported to a self-hosted Drupal instance
Expect a substantial learning curve with Drupal’s approach to content management
Domains cannot be purchased directly through the service
Add-ons restricted to a pre-installed set of modules
Regular Drupal themes cannot be used
Lowest-tier paid plan retains promotional link on site and is limited to user forum support

Admin runs on a non-secure server (no SSL)
Basic plan is free, with promotional link
Paid plans start at $8.25 per month