50 Web Publishing Apps

50 Web Publishing Apps: Overview


Any serious attempt at digital publishing begins with the content management system (CMS). With the migration of virtually all phases of communications to the web, the Internet-based publishing application of today is increasingly a powerful beast; in many cases serving as the hub for content creation, distribution, marketing, and even e-commerce.

In this review, we cover 50 different publishing services with various capabilities, ranging from basic content editors to enterprise-strength platforms powering major sites like CNN and the White House. For each one, we summarized the pros, cons, as well as base pricing. Ultimately, settling on which service to use will depend on the type and scale of the site you are building.

Some have been around for years, others are new to the scene, a handful will be recognized immediately by anyone who has spent enough time on the web. One common trend is integration with external services — from social networks like Facebook to file storage services like Dropbox. Expect more of this as previously desktop-bound computing keeps moving to the ‘cloud’.