Weekly Roundup: April 20, 2013

This week: Blogger adds Google+ Comments; InstantEncore releases new tutorials; New TypePad theme; WordPress.com Android app updated.

Blogger: Google+ Comments

Blogger: Google+ Comments

Blogger users can now integrate social comments and activity from Google+. Readers have the option of either commenting publicly or privately to other Google+ users in their circles. Learn more at Blogger Buzz.

InstantEncore: New video tutorials

InstantEncore’s mobile-focused products are getting a set of video tutorials to go with their version 2.0 release. Details on the official blog.

TypePad releases new theme

To usher in the new season, TypePad is adding Spring Fling, described as “a fun and light design that can beautifully showcase photographs and videos, as well as allow for wide sidebar content.”

And as a bonus for users who love peeking under the hood, Typelists can now have custom HTML ids to aid with CSS styling. Get the release notes.

WordPress.com: Android app update and more

It’s been a full week for WordPress.com. First, its WordPress for Android mobile app is getting a version bump to 2.6. New features include better cohesion with Android 4.0 design guidelines and a menu drawer to replace the old dashboard interface.

Next, the ever-growing theme directory has three new additions: Bon Vivant (“a quirky restaurant-oriented theme”), SemPress (“an extremely lightweight, responsive theme designed to show off your posts, quotes, and images”), and BonPress (“a traditional, simple, and responsive theme ideal for individual bloggers”).

Lastly, the well-known dashboard is getting a deep makeover to keep up with an ever-changing web landscape. The upcoming re-design will focus on implementing a simpler layout, better support for multiple screen sizes, and web fonts. Users interested in testing out the new dashboard can learn more at WordPress.com.