Weekly Roundup: October 20, 2012

This week: An app market for Wix; A new Concrete5 theme; Radium3 adds drag-and-drop support; WordPress.com’s new theme and improved Publicize feature; Yola gets flyover menus.

Wix gets an external app center

Wix's App Marketplace

Wix is expanding its list of third-party applications into a full-fledged App Market with a growing assortment and “dozens more” on the way. The doors are also now open for third-party developers to create apps for the Wix platform.

Concrete5: New theme

Concrete5 has approved a new theme, Partner, described as a “lightweight bright theme with a unique home page-type.” The mobile-ready theme also includes functionality to animate the site logo. More in the Concrete5 marketplace.

Radium3: Drag and drop files

Radium3 now supports browser drag-and-drop functionality, with image and gallery elements auto-created from single images and multiple image zip files, respectively. Details on Radium3′s blog.

WordPress.com: Runo Lite theme plus changes to Publicize

Minimal theme lovers on WordPress.com have one more to play with: Runo Lite, “a minimalist theme with a focus on writing.” Built-in features include multiple sidebars. Get more info and see a demo on WordPress.com.

Also announced: The Publicize feature which allows users to connect to different social networks can now handle multiple accounts per service. Read more.

Yola: Flyover menus

Yola now supports displaying deeper level menu items as flyouts or flyovers. This new feature is currently only availabe for free styles, with integration with premum styles on the way. More here.