Weekly Roundup: August 18, 2012

This week: Concrete5’s new themes and add-ons; Drupal Gardens integrates with Cashie Commerce; Wedding theme and UI tweaks for WordPress.com; Jigsy’s updates for summer; Moonfruit increases e-commerce product limits; Device-independent themes and images for Radium3; Webnode’s new Selfic template; Wix upgrades e-commerce features.

Concrete5: New add-ons and themes

Concrete5 has approved a handful of new theme and extensions, including the Lucid theme and Homegroups, an add-on for managing church groups. See all recent additions in the Concrete5 marketplace.

Drupal Gardens: Cashie Commerce integration

Drupal Gardens now supports the hosted e-commerce service, Cashie Commerce, with PayPal payments baked in. Learn more at DrupalGardens.com.

WordPress.com: Two wedding themes and some UI changes

Lovebirds Theme for WordPress.com

WordPress.com is gaining two new wedding-oriented themes: Lovebirds, “a sweet theme with whimsical illustrations,” and Ever After, a one-column design with “subtle textures and ornaments.” Both themes are screen-independent and come with an RSVP form, a guestbook section, and a countdown widget. (Read the post.)

Also new: the stats page now parallel-loads data for better page performance, keyboard shortcuts for the Toolbar Notifications menu, and admin menu item re-arrangements.

Jigsy: Summer updates

Jigsy is releasing a bumper crop of updates this summer, including custom sitemaps, improved meta tags, page extensions, and new favicons. Read the full post on Jigsy’s blog.

Moonfruit: Product limit changes on Max plan

Moonfruit users at the Max subscription level can now list up to 1,000 products in their online store, up from 500. Product limits on cheaper plans remain unchanged. More at Moonfruit.com.

Radium3: Device-independent themes and images

Theme options on Radium3 have been increased by four new additions, all optimized for mobile devices. Also new: Image support for new high-resolution displays as well as drag-and-drop image placement. More here.

Webnode: Selfic template set

Webnode has added a new template, Selfic, which features a three-column layout and eight color combinations. Get the details at Webnode.com.

Wix updates e-commerce features

Following its move away from Flash, Wix’s e-commerce functionality has been upgraded for better usability, SEO, and compatibility with mobile devices.