Weekly Roundup: February 18, 2012

This week: Better URL structure and new designs for Cargo; Edicy offers more metrics, theme improvements and free domain; Edublogs adds password protection for entire blog; Jigsy introduces image cropping; Product variations and duplication in Moonfruit’s ShopBuilder; SiteKreator is switching image editors; WordPress.com’s new Retro-fitted theme; Concrete5 approves ten new add-ons and a theme.

Edicy: More metrics, theme improvements and free domain

Edicy’s Tartu theme has been re-designed from the ground up and now includes dark and light versions. Edicy Pro users now have access to a “historical track record” of general metrics such as Google PageRank, backlinks and Alexa global stats. Pro users will also now get a free domain registration with every renewal of one year or more. Read the post.

Edublogs: Password protection for entire blog

WordPress-based education publishing platform Edublogs is adding a site-wide password feature to their blogs, making it easy for sharing access with a group without needing to add every participant individually.

Jigsy introduces image cropping

Jigsy’s image editor now allows click-and-drag resizing and cropping, complete with a zoom feature for even more control. Learn more on Jigsy’s blog.

Moonfruit: Product variations and duplication

Moonfruit is again upgrading its ShopBuilder ecommerce platform, this time with Product Variants — each product can have options such as color, range, and size. Also, products can now be replicated with the new Duplicate a Product feature. Get the details.

SiteKreator switches image editors

SiteKreator's Aviary Image Editor

SiteKreator will be moving from the Picnik image editor service, which is being closed down subsequent to its 2010 acquisition by Google, to the equally popular and full-featured Aviary image editor.

WordPress.com: Retro-fitted theme

WordPress.com adds a new theme this week: Retro-fitted, a design that “mixes subtle textures with clean lines and shadows” created by Justin Tadlock. More on the WordPress.com official blog.

Concrete5: Ten new add-ons and a theme

Concrete5 has approved Silence, a theme with emphasis on mobile, customization, and performance, plus as a handful of new add-ons:

  • Content with Google Fonts: A variation on the content block which adds the use of Google’s 400+ free web fonts.
  • Concrete5 Integrated Portfolio: “Seamlessly integrates your concrete5 portfolio on your site,” including Concrete5.org marketplace and showcase items.
  • Circular Diagram: Displays polls, surveys, or other query results as an “interactive non-flash circular graph” with color customization and an extra details box.
  • Force Reload: “A simple block to force reload a page” every number of seconds.
  • Page List Plus: “Page lists with keyword/page-attribute filtering, multiple levels of sorting and built-in list titles.”
  • Popular Pages: “Page lists based on keyword and their popularity over time.”
  • Navi Box: Adds image-based “fun navigation boxes” to site menus
  • Bootstrap Buttons: Provides CSS-styled buttons “with over 50 different colors and three sizes.”
  • eCommerce Regional Shipping: “Lets you define regional zones based on which you can setup different shipping prices or methods.”
  • Theme Options Mobile Switcher: “Allows you to choose an alternate theme for mobile devices.”