Weekly Roundup: January 14, 2012

This week: Blogger gets threaded commenting; Cargo updates Personal Network section; New Concrete5 theme; Edublogs intros new dashboard tools and PayPal-less card payments; Flavors adds 500px support; Jimdo’s new Pages section; Onesheet now supports uPlanMe and IndieReign; Radium3 rolls out improved image editor; SiteKreator introduces localized date and time format; Animated GIF file size limit increased in Tumblr; Typepad integrates Aviary image editor; Two new themes for WordPress.com plus Splinder importer.

Blogger adds threaded commenting

Blogger's Threaded Commenting Feature

On the heels of last year’s Blogger makeover, the publishing app is introducing threaded commenting, which helps in distinguishing replies to existing comments.

Cargo: Update to Personal Network section

Cargo’s Personal Network section is now divided into three separate areas — Websites, Projects & Comments, and Image Gallery — with the most recently active tab automatically selected on subsequent visits. More on Cargo’s development blog.

Concrete5: New theme approved

Another theme for Concrete5 is now available in the marketplace: Echo, with design elements based on the popular HTML5 Boilerplate and the 960 grid system.

Edublogs: New dashboard tools and PayPal-less card payments

WordPress multiblog service for the education sector, Edublogs, is improving its dashboard with components that highlight important site information as well as account details and blog membership for the current user. Also announced: Edublogs now accepts credit cards without having to go though PayPal. Read the official post.

Flavors adds 500px support

Flavors users can now add images from their 500px accounts, with the option for “fullscreen media galleries and customizable grid displays.” (See the announcement.) A portfolio service cum social network, 500px focuses on helping its users share and discover great photography.

Jimdo: New Pages section

Jimdo has a new section showcasing available templates and real Jimdo sites.

Onesheet now supports uPlanMe and IndieReign

Onesheet’s increasing list of compatible services now includes event lists from uPlanMe, a social calendar/organizer, and videos from IndieReign, the film distribution service. Read more.

Radium3: Image editor updated

New Radium3 Image Editor

Radium3 has just rolled out an improved image editor with a larger canvas to work in and streamlined edit buttons. The new editor also allows adding basic text to an image, and resizing images to exact pixel dimensions.

SiteKreator: Localized date and time format

SiteKreator is introducing the ability to style dates and times based on the user’s country preference. All areas of the publishing app, such as News and Events, the Appointment Scheduler, and the Form Editor will reflect whatever custom format is selected. Details on the SiteKreator blog.

Tumblr: Animated GIF file size limit increased

Photo posts in Tumblr can now support animated GIFs up to 1MB in size. See the announcement.

Typepad integrates Aviary image editor

Typepad is beta testing Aviary’s powerful image editing tools for use directly in the publishing app (read the post). Features include adding text directly to an image, photo captions, rotation, and image filters. Additionally, Internet Explorer 9 users no longer need to activate compatibility mode to use the rich text editor.

WordPress.com: Splinder importer and two new themes

WordPress.com’s blog import now supports Splinder, the Italian blogging service, which is winding down January 31.

Also new this week: Forever, a wedding theme with a built-in guestbook template (see the post), and Fresh & Clean, “a responsive, spick-and-span theme that lets you put your best content forward with minimal frills” (read the announcement).