Weekly Roundup: November 19, 2011

This week: Clover is moving to HTML5; Concrete5 adds new shipping rates extension; New Edublogs theme released; Squarespace unveils massive style updates; Weebly calls for iPhone app beta testers; WordPress.com’s new themes and admin tweaks.

Clover announces transition to HTML5

Flash-based site builder Clover is finally beginning to move to HTML5, the latest language standard for structuring and presenting web content. In today’s world, Flash is more of a handicap than not, so this is a positive change for Clover users who can expect faster page loads and greater accessibility for the visually-impaired. The switch-over date is yet to be announced.

Clover Social Icons

Also, new icons including two for Google+ have been added to Clover’s social link options.

Concrete5: New shipping rates add-on

A new extension for Concrete5, Multiple Flat Shipping Rates, is now available in the marketplace. More on the Concrete5 blog.

Edublogs: New responsive theme released

Edublogs is introducing another responsive, screen-independent theme, named Liqorice. Responsive layouts adapt to any screen size such as mobile devices without the need for additional programming.

Squarespace’s “great style revival”

Squarespace Style Editor

Old favorite Squarespace just rolled out a plethora of site-wide visual style updates, including:

  • 13 template redesigns with 85 new styles
  • Two brand-new templates, Principle and Transfigure
  • Seamless integration with the Google Web Fonts library with access to over 300 fonts
  • Full-scale CSS editor for advanced users comfortable with template code editing
  • And more: Eight new icon sets, alpha-transparent background images, customizable buttons, etc

Weebly: Call for iPhone app beta testers

With Weebly’s new iPhone app nearing release, the company is opening up the testing process to 100 users for early preview in exchange for feedback. Interested? Apply here. Android users should expect word soon on an upcoming native app.

WordPress.com: Two new themes and new admin tweaks

WordPress.com has a handful of new enhancements out this week. First, users can now send out custom invitations to prospective followers, as well as authorize a guest contributor, editor or administrator.

Next, a couple of tweaks to the admin UI: the media uploader has been upgraded for full drag and drop support, dashboard sub-menus now flyout on mouse-over, and more room has been added in the dashboard.

Lastly, the theme library has two new residents: Anthem, a screen-independent, minimal design by The Theme Foundry, and Luscious, a blog theme with deep-red tones from StudioPress.