PubliShift is a one-stop resource for all things web publishing — creation, production, distribution and marketing — geared toward consumers using cloud-based software and services.

Why PubliShift?

Just like the movable type printing press and desktop publishing revolutionized communications in their day, the Internet coupled with the proliferation of always-connected personal computing devices is irrevocably transforming the nature of publishing.

  1. Publishing in its various forms and for its many applications has mostly moved to the web.
  2. The new tools of publishing have made it very personal, similar to what desktop publishing and the personal computer did for print.
  3. Cloud-based publishing tools for end users are improving immensely in capability and ease of use.

The tools of publishing are now in everybody’s hands, traditional barriers of entry are dropping everyday, and consumers are increasingly competing with organizations, hobbyists with professionals. From the personal blog to a niche magazine, from a community wiki to a national news site, publishing is now non-stop communication — concurrent, one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, infinite and exponential in scale.

Welcome to the age of engagement.

Coming Up

In the weeks ahead, expect expertly created and curated resources to help you setup and manage your publishing project:

  • Reviews and lists of publishing apps and services
  • Database with well-indexed specifications and features
  • News from service providers: updates, new products, deals and promos
  • Multi-media tutorials and web-based tools
  • Membership-only community for peer-to-peer support

Stay Informed

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